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I Lost My Body

J'ai Perdu Mon Corps
2019 / 81m - France
Fantasy, Drama - Animation
I Lost My Body poster

A French animation that has been getting some positive critiques. It's not difficult to see why, though not everything here worked for me. Clapin's aspirations are sky-high and it's nice to find a director who isn't willing to settle for safe and predictable, but in the end the film just isn't quite as moody as it tried to be.

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The art style is decent but not all that attractive. Luckily the animation is nice, with cool camera angles, good use of CG and some very impressive and memorable moments (the highway/umbrella scene for example). It's the soundtrack that jumps out though, very atmospheric and not afraid to take center stage.

The structure of the film is less successful, with a mediocre twist halfway through and some very heavy-handed (pun intended) symbolism. Clapin wants too much here, it would've been better if he'd simply given the story and his characters some room to breathe. He shows promise though, so looking forward to seeing what he does with his next film.