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The Wedding Ringer

2015 / 101m - USA
The Wedding Ringer poster

Murder Mystery 2

2023 / 90m - USA
Comedy, Mystery
Murder Mystery 2 poster

Sandler and Aniston return for the sequel to their surprise Netflix hit. It's exactly what you could expect from a film like this: more expensive locations and set pieces, but a very similar structure and a clear attempt to copy/paste the appeal of the first film. And it doesn't do too bad of a job, to be honest.

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The detective couple is invited to their friend's luxurious wedding, which takes place on a remote island. During the rehearsal dinner, the groom is kidnapped and his bodyguard murdered in cold blood, leaving the attendees wondering who is behind the kidnapping. Nick and Audrey once again find themselves in the center of a murder mystery.

The plot is simple, the humor is rather basic and the mystery is never really put front and center, the bigger focus lies with the comedy. And that's okay because this is a standard Sandler vehicle that is meant to entertain, and nothing else. Bonus points for some very lush locations and nice cinematography (making the Eiffel Tower look pretty is no easy feat). Simple fun.