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The Ape

2009 / 81m - Sweden
Drama, Thriller
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Interesting concept, interesting execution, uneven results. The Ape is a film that keeps you in the dark from start to finish. Throughout the film you're given some hints at what happened to the main character, but Ganslandt makes sure you're not getting all the information needed to paint a clear picture.

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Krister wakes up in his bathroom, covered in blood. He washes it off, leaves his house and tries to pick up his normal life best as he can. But guilt starts gnawing at him and it's obvious Krister will have to face his demons sooner or later. He returns home and finds his son half-dead in his bed.

Sarri does a great job, especially since the camera stays within close range of him all the time. The mystery is solid and doesn't get weaker, there are some dark, impressive moments, but Ganslandt can't quite keep it up for the entire film. There are a few too many dead moments, other than that it's a great film.