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Two Heads Creek

2019 / 85m - Australia
Comedy, Horror
Two Heads Creek poster

Horror comedy by the numbers. Throwing together some oddball characters, crude stereotypes and gory intermissions, Two Heads Creek feels familiar from start to finish. It's a good thing then that the film is pretty funny and gets quite gory where it needs to be, so it's at least pretty entertaining filler.

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When two Polish siblings discover their recently deceased mum adopted them as babies, they leave England in search of their real mother. It's a trip that takes them to a little backwater village in Australia, where immigrants are dropped off and never seen again. Not the most original setup, then again this film has more fun toying around with stereotypes than subverting them.

O'Brien pokes fun at Australians, Brits and Polish people alike, the characters are well over the top, yet the comedy itself is actually quite deadpan. It's a bit too familiar to make a lasting impression and it did feel like I'd seen it all before, but if you're looking for a some amusing horror filler you could do much worse.