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The Harder They Fall

2021 / 139m - USA
The Harder They Fall poster

Ignore all the woke discussion surrounding this film. Yes, The Harder They Fall is very well aware of what it is and does take its moments to make that abundantly clear, but that is just a very small portion of the film. The rest is just a very typical western that cares more about style and entertainment than anything else.

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When Nat's parents are murdered by a local outlaw, he becomes a gunslinger himself, though one who keeps certain values. One by one he seeks out and kills the people responsible for his family's death. Except for the leader, who is behind bars. When he gets pardoned, Nat knows he has one last job to do.

I'm not a big western fan, a black cast with some hip-hop and gospel music doesn't really change that. Deadwyler and Stanfield are the only real badasses here, the rest of the cast isn't that convincing. The film is also way too long for its meager plot, but at least the action is decent, and the film has more flair than your average western. Decent entertainment, but nothing more.