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Have a Nice Day

Hao Jile
2017 / 77m - China
Crime - Animation
Have a Nice Day poster

Chinese arthouse animation. Don't expect cuddly animals or CG superheroes, director Jian Liu take on a very down to earth crime story that could've just as well been a live action film. It's a bold move for sure, but I'm not sure it was the correct one. Fans of animation better lower their hopes.

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The art style is quite nice, also very different, which gives the film a unique look. The animation though is almost nonexistent. The camera is extremely static, pretty much every action shot is a cheap effect (or is simply cut from the film) and character animations are chunky. I assume it's made to be like this for a reason, but if it's a matter of skill, then they shouldn't even have considered doing it as an animated film. It's just painful to watch.

The plot is decent, but nothing special. A typical crime tale where different parties are trying to get a bag of money. The dub is okay, but not spectacular, the soundtrack is moody but limited. It's a good thing that the film is quite short, it's certainly a novel experience, but please get some decent animators next time.