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The Stylist

2020 / 105m - USA
The Stylist poster

Pretty stylish horror film. After working on a bunch of shorts, director Gevargizian finally got her chance to turn one of them into a full-length feature. The result is a pretty accomplished film, coming from a director who has a clear idea of what she wants and knows how to execute it too.

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The Stylist is a film that thrives on a riveting central performance, moody lighting and a very atmospheric score. At its best it has all the marks of a true masterpiece, the problem is that the rest of the cast isn't quite up to par and that the film has a few too many ups and downs to reach the consistency a true masterpiece needs.

But Gevargizian shows a lot of potential here. The main character is intriguing, the horror bits are gruesome and there's a level of mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end. The finale is pretty memorable too, so a job well done. Let's hope Gevargizian has officially launched herself with this film.