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Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey

2018 / 87m - Canada
Thriller, Crime
Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey poster

Not a bad film, the first half in particular conjures up a pretty solid, vile mood. The film's TV roots are a bit too apparent though and the second half gets a bit too cheesy at times. Believe Me feels like it was split in half, and with the latter part going downhill, that's something that weighs on the entire film.

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Lisa is a young girl who lives with her grandmother and her abusive husband. She is in constant survival mode, but her life is about to get a lot worse when she is kidnapped by a serial killer. He abuses and rapes her, but thanks to her survival skills Lisa is able to convince him to let her go. But then the hardest part still has to come.

The first half doesn't pull any punches and it gets pretty dark, which was a happy surprise. The second half comes off as less genuine and it's a bit too prone to underline the heroics of the lead characters. The constant fade-to-blacks and random shots of police office buildings (to accommodate ad blocks) also cheapen the film. Not bad, but based on the first half, it could've been a lot better still.