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Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol poster

The fourth entry in this 80s comedy franchise finally shakes things up a bit. Not that they changed much about the formula, but they do introduce a gang of new characters (on top of the old favorites). It was a much-needed change that adds a new dynamic, though if you hated the earlier films there's no reason to return to this series.

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A new program is launched. The police academy becomes home to a bunch of eager citizens who get a crash course in police training. This way they can be put on the street in order to make more efficient citizen arrests. It's a bold idea that has some detractors, but the team of Lassard will do everything in their power to help them.

Police Academy is a basic comedy series that relies on simplistic caricatures, but it's pretty devoted to its genre and there are no failed attempts to add some misdirected drama. The new additions to the cast are pretty decent and there are some fun and memorable moments. Not great, but it's an easy watch.