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People Places Things

2015 / 85m - USA
Comedy, Romance
People Places Things poster

A very basic mix of drama, comedy and romance. It's a typical dramedy, a niche that's currently eclipsing most other types of comedy. Director Strouse sticks a bit too closely to the genre conventions and should be grateful that he could rely on Jemaine Clement to raise the quality of the film.

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Will is a comic book artist whose life falls to pieces when his wife leaves him for another man. A year later, she tells him she's going to marry the guy she left him for. Will is doing his best to move on too. He goes on dates and tries to spend more time with his daughters, but it's clear he hasn't really moved on yet.

Clement is by far the best thing about this film. His timing is what makes the comedy work. The rest of the cast is decent, but not that remarkable. The same can be said about the drama and the romance too, which is all a bit perfunctory. Decent filler in other words, especially when you're looking for something light, just don't expect a full-blown comedy.

The Winning Season

2009 / 104m - USA
Comedy, Sport
The Winning Season poster