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Icarus XB 1

Ikarie XB 1
1963 / 92m - Czechoslovakia
Icarus XB 1 poster

A little-known Czech cult sci-fi. A film that looked quite interesting on paper, especially for who like a fine space exploration flick, but the awkward mix of cheesy and lo-fi sci-fi with a more pensive, slow atmosphere really doesn't do the film any favors. I feel it would've been a lot better if Polák had gone for one or the other and had stuck with it from start to finish.

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A spaceship is carrying a group of settlers who are out to colonize another planet. It's a long trip with plenty of hazards, many of which the crew will have to overcome before they reach their destination. From abandoned spaceships and radioactive black stars to technical malfunctions and cabin fever, life in space turns out to be quite tough.

The visual effects reminded me of Ishirô Honda's films. That's not necessarily a bad thing, unless you're expected to take the film serious. The performances, the languid pacing and the general lack of fun seem to suggest that was indeed the point. It takes a lot of potential amusement out of a film like this, hence this wasn't a big success for me.