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Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King

Nezha Nao Hai
1979 / 65m - China
Fantasy, Adventure - Animation
Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King poster

Animated film based on a famed Chinese folk hero. Just last year a new CG animation was made about the same mythological figure. Both films tell a different story, so there's very little overlap apart from the main character. Not that it matters much, 40 years is a lifetime, especially in the world of animation, so there's really no point in comparing these films.

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In this version Nezha takes on the five Dragon Kings. There's a very short origin story, quickly followed by a pretty action-packed adventure. For a film that's only 65 minutes long, there's quite a bit of plot to go through, so expect a fast-paced (maybe even rushed) film.

The animation is pretty basic, luckily the art style is rather beautiful and kept my eyes glued to the screen. Very colorful, with typical Chinese designs, giving this film the necessary flair. The dub is decent, the soundtrack a bit loud and overbearing. Not a bad film, but a little too cheap/old to be truly impressive.