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Memory Box

2021 / 102m - Lebanon
Memory Box poster

A nostalgic look at the past, sporting some playful cinematography and solid performances, but little more. The dramatic elements felt somewhat underwhelming to me and I didn't care much for the film's need to revisit the 80s. We've had a decade of that already, I believe it's finally time to move on.

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Maia lives in Montreal and raises her daughter as a single mother. Right before Christmas, a mysterious box arrives at her doorstep. it contains memories of her past she'd rather not revisit, but her daughter wants to know more about her mom's history. Through notes, recordings, and pictures, she travels back in time.

I liked the first half of the film, as it was slightly lighter in tone and a bit more frivolous in its presentation. The second half focuses more on drama and things get more sullen as time passes. Overall, it's not a bad film, just not one I won't remember for long, there's just not enough that grabbed my attention.