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Alive and kicking



2007 / 80m - Brazil
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Some documentaries are out to change the world, while others only aim to document a short period in the life of a single person. In this case, we're talking about Santiago. He's not even a very peculiar or interesting figure, but the butler that vigilantly served the family of the director.

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The documentary was filmed 15 years prior to the release of the film and was released after the butler had already died. It adds just a tinge of intrigue, but since we're mostly watching footage of the man talking about his interests, it's little more than a faits divers that didn't really affect the film all that much.

The presentation is stylish, though there's also a lot of still footage with just Santiago doing nothing much at all. Salles actually tries to defend this approach at the end, but his explanation felt a little faint. Ultimately, I just didn't care enough for Santiago as a person, which made this a pretty forgettable and pointless doc.