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2020 / 101m - UK
Kindred poster

A fine little thriller. Kindred isn't the most original of films, after a short introduction and a rather sudden turn it should be clear in which direction this film is headed. Director and writer Marcantonio does his best to sow some doubt, he's pretty good at it too, but I don't think anyone will be surprised by the ending.

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Charlotte and Ben are planning to move to Australia. Ben's mother, a conservative and family-oriented British women, isn't too pleased when she hears the news. When Charlotte gets pregnant it seems to increase their chance of staying in the UK, but the two aren't willing to let that stop their dream.

Performances are good, the mood is tense, the cinematography is very polished and the soundtrack is classy. There's nothing really wrong with Kindred, except that there's nothing truly exceptional either. It's a very effective, well-executed and pleasant film, it's just not extremely memorable.