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2018 / 98m - Iceland
Arctic poster

A fine survival flick. Mads Mikkelsen is the ideal actor to take on the role of a plane crash survivor trying to make do in Antarctica. It's not a film with a lot of action, but it gets pretty tense and the build-up is pretty much perfect. The ending is a bit unnecessary and it's not the most original of films, but the execution is on point.


2021 / 116m - USA
Stowaway poster

A decent space mission flick, though one that doesn't offer too much in the way of originality. The title of the film pretty much gives it all away, if you've seen a couple of these films you can pretty much imagine where Penna will take it. That said, I'm always in the mood for some nice space drama.

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Hyperion is sending three people into space to conduct experiments on and around Mars. After some initial hiccups, the real trouble starts when they discover a stowaway. The guy got there by accident, but him being there compromises the mission. Oxygen is sparse, and the math suggest there isn't enough to support 4 people.

Colette and Kendrick overdo it with the drama, the plot is quite shaky and it would've been nice if Penna could've shortened the film to 90 minutes, but the second half is quite thrilling and there are some truly beautiful shots here. Pretty solid sci-fi space filler, not a film I'd actively recommend but nice for fans of the genre.