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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2002 / 95m - USA
Comedy, Romance
My Big Fat Greek Wedding poster

Another (US) immigrant comedy, this time with Greek people. I'm a bit confused about why this became such a big success, I don't think there are that many Greek people in the US and the comedy is so generic that it has a rough time standing out from its peers. It's also not that funny, but hey, it sure made a lot of money.

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Toula is a young Greek girl growing up in the US. Her family is still very tied to the old ways though, so when she finds a non-Greek husband, her family isn't too keen on taking him into their family. Toula persists as she really loves the guy, but at the same time, she doesn't want to alienate the people she loves.

You've seen this film a million times before. Sometimes it's with Jews, something it's Italians, Indians, or Chinese folk. The direction is utterly bland, the performances are uninteresting and the comedy is quite lame. At least it's rather short and it's not a complete drag, but hardly recommended when you're in the mood for a romcom.