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2020 / 98m - USA
Thriller, Horror
Alone poster

An extremely simple but fun little thriller/horror film. Alone is typical filler, a film that doesn't have an ounce of originality, isn't very remarkable in its execution, but offers everything you want from this specific niche. It's required viewing for fans, a forgettable trinket for everybody else.

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Jessica is moving away from the city after losing her husband. On her way to the retreat she encounters a shady driver, who seems to be following her around. The next day he comes up to her and apologizes for his behavior, but Jessica doesn't trust the man and tries to get away as quick as possible. Looking at the genre of this film, you can probably guess whether her hunch was right or not.

Alone's biggest problem is that Menchaca simply isn't menacing enough as the film's bad guy. Hyams does a decent job, the build-up is fine, the setting is terrific and the tension is on point. It's just that whenever Menchaca makes an appearance, it's hard to see him as a real threat. Solid filler though.


2022 / 83m - USA
Sick poster

An extremely simple but amusing slasher. Three people in a remote cottage, a masked killer stalking them, the rest of the film just writes itself. Don't expect anything fancy, any big twists or new takes on the genre. Sick isn't that kind of film. Instead, you get a proper slasher flick, without any cruft.

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Parker and Miri are two best friends, who decide to quarantine at Parker's father's lake house. What is supposed to be a fun weekend among girls quickly turns into a deadly pursuit when a masked man invades the house and tries to kill both girls. With nobody around to help them, they'll have to fend for themselves.

The two leads or solid, Hyams does a decent job building up the tension and the reveal, while not exactly great, is sufficient. It's difficult to be excited about any of it since it's really not that different from a million other slasher flicks out there, but the execution is pleasant enough, and that's worth something. Good horror filler.