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One of the big names in 80s horror, though Landis wasn't fully married to the genre, often crossing over into comedy and fantasy. I find his films a bit too flat and cheesy to be enjoyable, but if you're a fan of 80s cinema Landis is a must.



2006 / 58m - USA
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In Sickness and in Health

2008 / 43m - USA
In Sickness and in Health poster

Typical Landis short, that combines horror with a certain lightness and feel for dark humor. The plot is pretty basic, but the twist is fun and the build-up is effective. Actors do a solid job too, though they're clearly not A-list material. A decent shot from Landis, who seems to thrive in this particular format.

Deer Woman

2005 / 57m - USA
Deer Woman poster

Trading Places

1983 / 116m - USA
Trading Places poster

A classic 80s comedy from John Landis. It's little more than a pairing of Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy, who are both allowed to perform their usual tricks. The film gets a bit grim and unpleasant in places and the plot is very basic, but the film does have a couple of memorable moments.

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Two power-hungry misers are having a wager after a short nature versus nurture discussion. To see who is right, they pick up a petty thief from the street and make him manager of their company, whilst demoting the current manager and getting him jailed for stealing and selling drugs.

Aykroyd and Murphy are decent, though the latter has the best scenes. The plot is predictable, Landis isn't the most gifted director and the runtime is a bit excessive, but the premise is solid enough and there were a couple of funny moments. Hardly the comedy some make it out to be, but it's not the worst film either.

Cheesy comedy with a few more misses than there were hits. The film is fragmented and little more than a collection of comedy sketches, most of which go on for way too long. Luckily it doesn't overstay its welcome and there are some genuine giggles here, but unless you like really predictable jokes this is little more than random filler.

Into the Night

1985 / 115m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Into the Night poster

A slightly amusing but very dated crime comedy. Goldblum and Pfeiffer do a pretty decent job, the rest of the cast isn't really on the same level. Landis' direction is mostly functional, trying to keep the momentum going and struggling to keep the plot sensible. There is some fun to be had here, but you have to dig pretty deep to find it.

Twilight Zone: The Movie

1983 / 101m - USA
Sci-fi, Horror - Anthology
Twilight Zone: The Movie poster

An American Werewolf in London

1981 / 97m - USA
Comedy, Horror
An American Werewolf in London poster

Beverly Hills Cop III

1994 / 104m - USA
Comedy, Action
Beverly Hills Cop III poster

Coming to America

1988 / 116m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Coming to America poster

The Blues Brothers

1980 / 133m - USA
Comedy, Adventure
The Blues Brothers poster

Animal House

1978 / 109m - USA
Animal House poster

One of the earliest (if not the first) frat house comedies. National Lampoon was supposed to be pretty sarcastic and edgy back in its haydays, but you really wouldn't get that from watching this film. Bland, boring and sporting a cast of exceptionally irritating characters, this is a complete miss.