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Unpretentious Hollywood action that ranges from explosive amusement to mediocre dreariness. McTiernan's oeuvre is a bit hit-and-miss, but if you like yourself some simple action fodder, you could definitely do worse.

Solid pieces

Die Hard with a Vengeance

by John McTiernan
1995 / 128m - USA
Action, Thriller
Die Hard with a Vengeance poster

Die Hard

by John McTiernan
1988 / 132m - USA
Action, Thriller
Die Hard poster

The inoffensive

The 13th Warrior

by John McTiernan, Michael Crichton
1999 / 102m - USA
Action, Adventure
The 13th Warrior poster


by John McTiernan
1987 / 107m - USA
Sci-fi, Action
Predator poster

Worthy but flawed

Last Action Hero

by John McTiernan
1993 / 130m - USA
Comedy, Action
Last Action Hero poster

Dubious filler


by John McTiernan
2003 / 98m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
Basic poster


by John McTiernan
2002 / 98m - USA
Sci-fi, Action
Rollerball poster

I never saw the original Rollerball, but this remake has a pretty bad reputation. Turns out its reputation is very much warranted, even so McTiernan's train wreck is still somewhat interesting, not in the least because it goes all-in on gritty kitsch, the fact that is fails so spectacularly only adds to the fun.

Jonathan is waiting to break through as an ice hockey player, from time to time earning a quick buck on the side. Ridley, an old friend, convinces him to join the rollerball league instead. It's a new and aggressive, televised sport where one can make a lot of money, but once you become popular the rules are stacked against you.

The rollerball sport makes no sense at all, the characters look dopey, the drama is hilarious, and the plot is a downright mess, but McTiernan powers through and serves 100 minutes off constant action. It's a pretty dumb film, but at least it never pretends to be anything more, which I appreciated.

The Hunt for Red October

by John McTiernan
1990 / 135m - USA
Action, Thriller
The Hunt for Red October poster

Plain forgettable


by John McTiernan
1986 / 91m - USA
Nomads poster

Big nopes

The Thomas Crown Affair

by John McTiernan
1999 / 113m - USA
Romance, Crime
The Thomas Crown Affair poster