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Emily the Criminal

2022 / 97m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Emily the Criminal poster

A nice little crime/thriller that reminded me of Soderbergh's work. There is nothing too eye-catching about this film, but the quality is there, it is concise and there is no cruft whatsoever to distract from the core plot and themes. It might've been nice if the crime elements had resulted in a tad more tension, other than that I had no real complaints.

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Emily has a DUI on her record, which is really messing with her life. She couldn't finish college, she has trouble landing a solid job and her debts are piling up. When she covers for a colleague, he gives her an address to make some easy money. Emily reluctantly agrees to check it out and finds herself getting enrolled in a life of crime.

Plaza is good, the mix with drama is proper and never distracts, the cinematography is pleasant (though a little generic) and the pacing is perfect. It's just that the film lacks something extra to make it truly stand out. I don't mind a bit of quality filler though, this is a fine first film by Ford, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.