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2022 / 101m - USA
Grimcutty poster

The idea is good, splendid even. A horror film where the fear of overprotective parents is brought to life to take revenge on the children is pretty original. Sadly, the execution falls flat and we get a pretty pale, generic, and lifeless horror exercise that never comes close thrills and excitement it chases so desperately.

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Asha's parents aren't too happy with the time their kids spend on their mobile devices. When they hear about a new internet challenge, they freak out and take away their devices. Other families in town are doing the same, and soon enough nobody is allowed to go outside. Asha and her brother set out to uncover the truth behind the hype.

The premise is smart, but the performances are poor and the CG is appalling. No idea why Grimcutty looks like a poor man's Ryuk (from Death Note), but he looks ridiculous instead of scary. There are no real frights, the tension is missing and the finale is predictable. It's a real shame because the premise had potential.