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Pink Flamingos

1972 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Pink Flamingos poster

John Waters' cult film is worthy of the label. It's not a roaring success and some scenes leave a rather bad aftertaste, while others are funny, weird, or both. It's a pretty messy affair and the presentation leaves a little to be desired, but if you like oddball cinema, it's definitely worth a shot.

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Divine is branded the filthiest person in the world. Two aspiring filth-seekers are jealous and want to boycott her. They leave their own little baby-trafficking operation behind to rid themselves of Divine, but she has her own plans when she hears about the odd couple trying to sabotage her life.

Waters demonstrates he is smart enough to make a funny, grotesque film without becoming too crass or vulgar, so the scenes with animal cruelty and poo-eating feel pretty out of place, even in a film about people aspiring to be filthy. Take those away and you'd have had a better movie, but even with them included, there's still enough to enjoy.


1990 / 85m - USA
Comedy, Musical
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