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Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles poster

A documentary on the Toynbee Tiles mystery. Or the construed mystery if you will, as the story never feels all that substantial, let alone worthy of a documentary. It's one of those film that hopes to take you through the rabbit hole, but for that you really have to buy into its premise.

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Some typical geeks start fawning over a series of tiles spotted throughout the US. The tiles contain a cryptic message, information on the internet is sparse and nobody is claiming the tiles as their work. And so an improvised investigation starts, as the forum dwellers try to find out who is behind the creation of these tiles.

This is little more than oldskool conspiracy theories combined with internet niche obsession. The mystery really didn't grab me, the time spent on off-topic nonsense (like a profile on the guy who started the investigation) is a complete waste of time and any cinematic attempts to make it more mysterious fall flat. The film simply failed to grab my attention.