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2020 / 101m - USA
Irresistible poster

A cynical political comedy by Jon Stewart. Stewart takes aim at the political circus and spares no one. The timing is a little odd maybe (America's first priority is to get rid of Trump, not fix their political system), on the other hand the film is a good reminder that the fight won't be over, no matter who wins the November election.

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Steve Carell plays a political advisor who finds an unlikely candidate for the Democratic Party in Wisconsin, one of the swing states. Certain he can make an example of him and turn the entire state again, he travels there to meet the guy and help him become mayor of his small hometown. Of course the Republicans find out and decide to give the Democratic campaign a run for its money.

The comedy is decent but a little dry and not quite sharp enough. The film is also extremely targeted at American politics, even though Stewart makes a broader point. It's all a bit on the nose (that final speech was not okay), but overall it was a pretty funny, if somewhat inconspicuous film.