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Sexy Beast

2000 / 89m - UK
Crime, Comedy
Sexy Beast poster

Sexy Beast is one quirky crime flick, a film that put director Glazer on the map. I really loved it the first time I watched it, revisiting it was still a lot of fun, it just wasn't quite as special as I remembered. It's still an easy recommend for people who never watched the film though, as it's not like anything else you've seen.

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Gal is a retired gangster. He lives in a royal villa in Spain, together with his wife. He loves the sun, the pool and the eventfulness of retirement. All that changes when Don Logan pays him a visit. Logan's a pushy criminal who wants Gal to come out of retirement for one final job.

The deliberate pacing, the polished camera work and the over-the-top characterization are all things that add flair to the film. Take that away, and you get a pretty basic heist flick peppered with some thick British accents. A very fine first feature that betrays Glazer's talent, but it didn't quite have the lasting power I hoped it would.

The inoffensive

Under the Skin

2013 / 108m - UK
Sci-fi, Thriller
Under the Skin poster