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Wild Target

2010 / 98m - UK
Comedy, Crime
Wild Target poster

A fun and quirky black comedy, about a contract killer who becomes enamoured with his target. It's not a very original premise and the film sticks pretty closely to what is know to work, but lively performances and a knack for dry and silly comedy make sure this film distinguishes itself from its peers.

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Bill Nighy is perfect as the posh, gentleman-like killer, while Blunt is surprisingly good as joyous swindler and romantic interest of Nighy. Grint acts as comic relief, but can't quite find the right vibe for his character. On the villainous side, Everett, Freeman and Bell were clearly having lots of fun as they all put in solid performances.

The direction is light and sometimes a little too basic, but it adequately supports the dry comedy. The film is relatively short and doesn't drag things out endlessly, which is only for the best as the plot is quite rudimentary and predictable. Far from masterpiece material, but it's amusing filler that offers a slightly different take on a familiar genre.

Plain forgettable

The Whole Nine Yards

2000 / 98m - USA
Comedy, Crime
The Whole Nine Yards poster