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2014 / 88m - USA
Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi
Cooties poster

Amusing and effective zombie parody. These type of films have been done to death of course, but containing the disease to children gives Cooties a nice little edge. A strong cast, some nifty ideas and a good sense of humor make this a very fun and entertaining film, though sadly it never achieves greatness.


2020 / 100m - USA
Thriller, Horror
Becky poster

An interesting idea, that stumbles a little in its execution. The setup is fine though, with a freshly blended family being overrun by hardened criminals on their very first vacation together. It doesn't take long before bodies start hitting the ground and it's up to Becky, the 14-year-old daughter, to save her new family from ruin.

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That means much of the weight rests on Lulu Wilson's shoulders, sadly she can't quite deliver. At no point in the film did I believe she was actually besting a couple of cruel killers, the traps she builds also give Becky too much of a Home Alone vibe. It comes off a bit childish, which clearly wasn't what the directors were going for.

Because believe it or not, the film is actually quite gory. When people die, the camera isn't shy, even eager to register all the bloody bits. As a horror film, this was quite a success, but the meager drama, lacking characters and a couple of horrid twists take a lot away from the edginess Murnion and Milott were chasing. Not bad, but should've been better.