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Witches in the Woods

2019 / 90m - Canada
Horror, Thriller
Witches in the Woods poster

A bunch of 20-somethings, together in a van, on their way to a weekend away from civilization. Sure enough, they make a little pit stop where they meet some local folk and learn about a witchcraft legend. They take a shortcut (well duh) and get their car stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no cellphone reception to get them out of there.

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It's a film that's been done a million times before, then again director Barker is hardly shy about it. He puts all of his money on execution and gets away with it. Between the witchcraft legends, roaming bears and interpersonal tension, there's more than enough material to keep the suspense alive.

The cinematography is nice and Barker makes excellent use of the remote setting. The soundtrack is apt, performances are on point and the film never slumps, though considering how predictable everything is, it could've been 5 or 10 minutes shorter still. Overall a very pleasant, tense and effective little horror fun.