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2021 / 81m - Belgium
Duyster poster

Belgian found footage horror set in Antwerp. That certainly ups the appeal of Duyster, not too many projects shot here care to show off my hometown. The film itself is pretty basic though. It's certainly fun enough for people who love a faux doc horror, but it's not exactly a highlight of the genre.

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Three students are making a documentary about Johannes Duyster for school. Duyster was an executioner who lived here four centuries ago, and got involved with witches. The students hit a dead end during their investigation, but then they discover that witch-style executions have continued well after his death.

The setup of the film is good, so is the build-up. Things get a littler ickier during the finale though. There are some pretty shoddy effects and poor performances that do bring the film down a little. It's a shame, I think a less-is-more approach would've worked better if the budget simply wasn't there, but kudos for trying.