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The Servant

1963 / 116m - UK
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As British as can be. I'm still not quite sure what the intention of this film was. I'm guessing it's a psychological thriller, possibly with some social critique layered underneath, but it doesn't come across at all. It's a rather ridiculous film that never succeeds in giving any validity to its premise.

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Tony is a wealthy man looking for a servant. His eye falls on Barrett, a young man who seems like the perfect candidate. Once hired, Barrett starts to show his true face. He pushes Tony to overspend on his house and starts to take control of the household. Little by little, he undermines Tony's authority.

The premise is interesting enough, but the bland characters don't do it any justice. The mind games aren't exactly subtle, still it's hard to buy the setup between the two leads. The soundtrack is middling, the cinematography nothing too special (though it does pick up during the finale). A very forgettable film.