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Sleeping with the Enemy

1991 / 99m - USA
Sleeping with the Enemy poster

Simple American thriller. This used to be a tremendous box office success, presumably because Julia Roberts took on one of the lead roles. Other than that, I could see no discernible reason why this film stood out to people. It's somewhat cheesy, basic and predictable, a B-flick in every way.

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Laura and Martin have been married for four years, but Martin is an abusive and controlling husband. Laura lives in fear of him and sees only one way to escape her dire fate: she fakes her own death. Martin is clueless, until he gets a phone call from one of Laura's friends. He realizes that his wife may still be around after all.

The performances are rather bland, the plot is nothing spectacular. It's Ruben's direction that really fails the film though. For a thriller, it's just not very exciting. At least the pacing is decent, and it never becomes extremely boring, but it's one of those films that didn't really stand the test of time.