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Sex and Lucia

Lucía y el Sexo
2001 / 128m - Spain
Drama, Romance
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The Lovers of the Arctic Circle

Los Amantes del Círculo Polar
1998 / 112m - Spain
Mystery, Romance
The Lovers of the Arctic Circle poster

One of Julio Medem's earlier successes. The Lovers of the Arctic Circle is a hopelessly romantic film. The plot may be a succession of weird coincidences and farfetched twists, and the amount of factual drama is quite high, but the soothing soundtrack, the lovely performances and the tragic romance kept me glued to the screen. It's a film that has lost little (if any) of its original shine, it's also a great reminder that I should give Medem's other films a fair shot sooner rather than later.

The Tree of Blood

El Árbol de la Sangre
2018 / 130m - Spain
Romance, Thriller
The Tree of Blood poster

I used to be a big Medem fan, but somehow I lost track of his work. The Tree of Blood carries Medem's signature, but it's not without fault and only occasionally matches the genius of his earlier work. The story is a little too overwrought and the narrative frame is somewhat of a nuisance. This is not a bad film, just too focused on the narrative.