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The Owners

2020 / 92m - UK
Thriller, Comedy
The Owners poster

A film that offers a pretty amusing mix of thriller and comedy elements. The Owners may not be the most original of films, but the presentation is meticulous and it feels so incredibly British that you may get an instant craving for tea with scones. That is, if you aren't too squeamish.

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A bunch of trashy British kids are planning to rob an old couple. They break into their mansion when the couple is out eating, but when they get to the safe they can't get it open. It sounds a lot like the intro of Snatch, but The Owners borrows more from films like Don't Breathe, where the roles are bound to be reversed.

The performances are pretty hilarious, the build-up of the tension is solid, the reversal halfway through is effective and even though the film never really ventures into horror territory, there are some pleasantly twisted scenes. Nothing I hadn't seen before, but fun and very well executed.