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The Swarm

La Nuée
2020 / 101m - France
Horror, Drama
The Swarm poster

One of those films I'd rather not tag with the horror label (even though it 100% is a horror flick), only because it's going to attract the wrong crowd. The Swarm is very much a film about killer locusts, it's just not a typical rabid animal flick, focusing more on characters who are losing their grip on their humanity, while conjuring up a sinister atmosphere.

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Virginie is running a locust farm, hoping she can support her family with the proceeds. The locusts aren't really breeding though and selling them is tougher than expected. An unfortunate accident ends up becoming Virginie's savior, as she realizes that the locusts thrive on blood. Getting enough blood to support the farm is easier said than done.

The build-up is slow but deliberate, the shift from family drama to horror is subtle but noticeable and around halfway through the film's true intentions should be clear for all to see. Performances were solid, the mood was dark and uneasy, the finale pretty cool. An impressive horror film, but not for everybody.