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Anything for Jackson

2020 / 97m - Canada
Anything for Jackson poster

Anything for Jackson sports two of the most unlikely people ever to commit a heinous crime. It's a solid premise that is handled with the proper comedy, gravitas and gore. Without a doubt a film genre fans can warm too, the only problem is that longtime Hallmark director Dyck peeks just a little too early.

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Audrey and Henry have lost both their daughter and grandson. Unable to get past their grief, they come up with a pretty dark solution to their problems. To get their grandson back, they need the help of Becker, a young pregnant woman. They kidnap her, though with the solemn promise that they won't hurt her.

The performances of McCarthy and Richings are pretty great, there are some cool creature designs and a couple of very worthwhile scares. The best bits are in the middle part though, meaning that finale is just a tad underwhelming. Still, a solid film by Dyck, let's hope he gets another swing at horror and doesn't get stuck directing 20 more Hallmark films.