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The Infernal Walker

Mou Gaan Hang Ze
2020 / 89m - China
Crime, Thriller
The Infernal Walker poster

A modern take on Infernal Affairs. The film went through a couple of other titles first, but it's not difficult to see why they ended up settling for this one. With two moles on competing sides, a good old-fashioned police/Triad cat and mouse game and quite a few action scenes Andrew Lau's trilogy was the obvious inspiration for this one.

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It's been a bit too long since I watched the Infernal Affairs trilogy, but the premise felt almost like an exact copy. The only major difference (from what I could remember) is that we're dealing with two separate Triad factions here. Not that it matters much, if you've seen a couple of these Hong Kong crime flicks you should know what to expect.

The camera work's a bit flashier, the cast is quite a bit younger and the soundtrack is a little thumpier. Just little things that give the film a more contemporary feel. It's clear that Hong Kong is struggling to find its groove though, The Infernal Walker is pretty entertaining, but it's hardly the future of Hong Kong cinema. For that it's too rooted in its own past.