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Life: Untitled

Taitoru, Kyozetsu
2019 / 97m - Japan
Life: Untitled poster

A nice, pleasant, though somewhat simplistic little drama. Life: Untitled would've made more of an impact if we hadn't seen a slew of similar films in recent years (Hiroki's Kabukich├┤ Love Hotel being one of the more prominent), especially since Yamada struggles to find anything original to say.

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When Kano wants to give her life a new direction, she tries out being an escort girl. She can't really handle the work and is hired as an office manager instead. Together with Yamashita, her boss, she handles the appointments and makes sure the other women feel as comfortable as can be.

The film presents itself as a slice of life, but the concentration of drama feels a bit too high for that. The performances are fine, and the outside cinematography is solid. The scenes inside look a bit more drab, while the drama never really goes anywhere too special. It's decent filler, nothing more.