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Alive and kicking



2022 / 102m - Australia
Horror, Comedy
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Not an unpleasant attempt to mix horror and comedy, but the film never really succeeds at either thing and the sum of its parts doesn't really rise above its individual qualities either. That's not to say this is a bad film, it just felt like it could've been better with a few tweaks left and right.

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Cecelia is a popular influencer whose content is all about positivity and self-worth. When she runs into Emma, a former friend, old trauma is bound to resurface, but Cecelia is too happy to reconnect to worry about any of that. She's invited to Emma's hen party, where things will inevitably spiral out of control.

Dee is a solid lead, the presentation is proper and there are some decent laughs to be had, but the horror feels a little tacked on and it's not really executed properly. Some scenes are meant to be quite brutal, but they're held back by poor special effects. The film's also a tad long, with the finale being a bit too drawn out. Not bad though.