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Hello! Junichi.

HarĂ´! Jun'ichi
2014 / 91m - Japan
Hello! Junichi. poster

Don't expect a full-blown Katsuhito Ishii project, he only co-directed this film and by the looks of it, the budget was pretty slim. Even so, he probably helped to attract some fun actors and while the film has some glaring issues, it's an overall charming affair that turned out to be a pretty easy watch.

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Junichi lives in a small village, together with his classmates he spends his days in and out of school. Junichi's biggest problem in life is that he needs to return the eraser he borrowed from his big crush. Helping him out is temp teacher Anna, who is turning some heads herself since joining the school ranks.

Hello! Junichi is a very light and frivolous film that lacks a decent budget (or outstanding talent behind the camera) to turn a simple charmer into a great film. It's nice to have Gashuin and Morita there, they give the film that extra bit of flair, but most of the time is spent with the young kids and their silly little problems. Sweet, but a little cheap for my taste.