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It's somewhat interesting to watch a documentary about a world-famous cult figure without having the faintest clue who that man is. Of course documentaries love to put their subjects on a pedestal, even so it's clear that Walter Mercado is more than just a local legend. And Mucho Mucho Amor gives a good, compact rundown of his life.

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Mercado looks like a very sweet, well-meaning and endearing man, at the same time he's completely ridiculous and over-the-top. Not even so much because of his flamboyant appearance, but the crap he sells is not really something that warrants intercontinental fame. I think the world would be better off without this kind of baseless positivity and spirituality.

The documentary itself is nice enough. The talking heads aren't always that interesting, but there are enough fun interludes, the pacing is decent and overall it seems to give a pretty solid impression of the brand that is Mercado. Don't expect anything critical or in-depth, but it's a good introduction for those who've never heard of the man.