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Benny Loves You

2019 / 94m - UK
Horror, Comedy
Benny Loves You poster

Mediocre horror comedy. There are some fun ideas here, but the execution is pretty poor and the film fails to escape its no-budget roots. It's not quite as bad as some other films in this niche, Holt shows he has potential, it's just that his talent can't make up for the lack of proper funding.

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Discarded toys, everybody has them, but not everyone is aware they can come back to haunt you. Jack is in his mid-30s, works as a toy designer, and still lives at home with his parents. When a freak accident kills them, Jack will have to fend for himself, but then his old teddy Benny returns to help him out.

The effects are pretty poor, and so are the cinematography and the performances. I did however like the voice work, Benny in particular sounds creepy in the jolliest way possible. There are also some successful comedy moments, but it's not enough to make you forget about the disappointing bits. A pretty mixed bag in other words.