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You Are Not My Mother

2021 / 93m - Ireland
Drama, Horror
You Are Not My Mother poster

A pretty basic horror film, mixing drama and mental illness with folklore horror elements. It's certainly not the first horror film to do so and it didn't seem You Are Not My Mother was too bothered challenging any of the reigning tropes. The result is pretty decent, but also somewhat forgettable.

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Char is a bright young girl who just skipped a grade. As if things weren't difficult enough at school, her mother suffers from mental illness. Her uncle and grandma are around to help Char, but when her mom's condition worsens even they can't cope. Then Char's grandma reveals a dark secret.

The performances are more than solid and the horror elements are decently executed, but the build-up is relatively slow, and the film doesn't stand out enough. A predictable score and meek drama work against the atmosphere, though the base quality of the film does remain pretty consistent throughout. Solid filler, just nothing too memorable.