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Project A-ko

Purojekuto A-ko
1986 / 86m - Japan
Comedy, Sci-fi - Animation
Project A-ko poster

Nozoki Ana

2013 / 55m - Japan
Romance - Animation
Nozoki Ana poster

Oh this was bad. I don't mind a little ecchi nonsense, as long as it is done with the proper glee and cheese. Nozoki Ana takes itself way too seriously though, without anything of real substance to back it up. The result is a complete drag, making that 50-something minutes feel like a three-hour film. Some people hate labels and such, but proper tagging could've at least prevented me from watching this crap.

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The premise isn't entirely terrible though. A young student moves to Tokyo to start design school. He finds there's a hole in the wall, with a girl behind it who has a penchant for peeping. He isn't too comfortable with the idea, but the girl is pretty headstrong and convinces him he'll come to appreciate the setup. It will just take a couple of detours first.

In the hands of someone like Ryuichi Hiroki this could've been a superb drama with a taboo edge, instead you get a film more occupied with teen lust and boobs. The animation is crap, the art style bland, the plot and characters are paper thin and the premise is little more than an excuse. I'm sure there's an audience for this, I'm just clearly not it.