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1999 / 84m - Japan
Sci-fi, Action - Animation
Gundress poster

Anime based on Masamune Shirow's work. That sounds promising enough, but Shirow has a visually dense style and when the budget isn't there, all that is left are some smudgy sci-fi designs and a politics-infused plot. Gundress isn't the worst, but it's far from the best Shirow adaptation out there.

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The Angel Arms is a group of counter-terrorists founded by Takako, a former policewoman. When they apprehend a famous crime figure, they hope they use him as bait to bring an entire international crime ring down. Things get complicated when a former boyfriend of one of the Angel Arm's members is sent out to kill him before he can spill the beans.

There are some solid ideas here and the mechas look fun enough. It's just a shame that the art style is very basic and the animation is limited. Some of the action scenes look decent, but only because that's where they spent all their budget. OK anime filler and fans of Shirow should give it a go, just keep your expectations low.