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Not sure whether he's being ignored or simply forgotten, but Kumakiri is one of Japan's most capable directors when it comes to dark drama. A hidden gem whose oeuvre is well worth exploring, but his work isn't that easy to dig up.


My Man

Watashi no Otoko
2014 / 129m - Japan
My Man poster

With a superb soundtrack, two killer leads and some visual panache, Kumakiri delivers a film that has the power to linger. That is, if you can stomach the punches My Man dishes out.

Freesia: Icy Tears

2007 / 103m - Japan
Fantasy, Thriller
Freesia: Icy Tears poster

Kazuyoshi Kumakiri is an odd choice for doing a manga adaptation, it's no surprise then that Freesia: Icy Tears turned out to be a pretty odd film. Its fictional future is never explained in full, the characters are rather hard to read, and the somewhat muted approach to the material is certainly not standard. And that's exactly what makes this film stand out. It's a pretty intriguing and mystifying feature that kept me interested in the story and characters, while also establishing a unique atmosphere. Nothing quite like it, which makes it a worthy recommendation in my book.


2023 / 99m - Japan
Comedy, Thriller
#Manhole poster

Kumakiri's latest is a smart thriller with a devilish dark comedy streak. It's been a while since Kumakiri made a straightforward genre film, but he's clearly still capable enough. #Manhole is claustrophobic, full of twists and turns and it offers a pretty sarcastic take on social media. The production is slick, there is hardly any fat and whenever the film looks like it is about to settle down, the story is given yet another extra spin. It's not a film that transcends its genre roots, but if you're looking for some prime but simple genre fun, this is no doubt one of the better offerings this year.


2017 / 125m - Japan
Mukoku poster

Kumakiri is back on track. Mukoku is a powerful drama mixed with strong genre elements (in the form of Kendo). The acting is superb, the film looks lush and the score is a real asset. Not as subtle as you may expect from a Japanese drama, but not worse for it.


2004 / 117m - Japan
Antenna poster

Very few people manage grim drama like Kazuyoshi Kumakiri. Antenna is one of his earlier works, but it hasn't lost much of its original appeal. It's not the most explicit film, that said, it's not the easiest to watch either, and people looking for something more accessible should probably reconsider. The solid cinematography, strong performances, and risqué topics make this a treat for fans of dark Japanese dramas. I'm glad people like Kumakiri exist and are allowed to make films, even if he never really got the broader respect he deserves.

Blazing Famiglia

Bakugyaku Famîria
2012 / 127m - Japan
Blazing Famiglia poster

Kumakiri's take on the Japanese brawler genre. He's a pretty good fit, placing his film somewhere between franchises like Crows Zero and more traditional gangster films. The visuals are pretty dark and gritty, the characters are slightly over-the-top yet remain grounded, and the drama is pleasant, without overpowering the crime and action elements. The start of the film is a little hectic, but once Kumakiri settles into his groove, there's a lot to love.

Hole in the Sky

Sora no Ana
2001 / 127m - Japan
Hole in the Sky poster

Hole In The Sky is slow-paced cinema. There isn't much happening in terms of dramatic events, the characters are rigid and introvert and odd behavior is often taken for granted.

The End of Summer

Natsu no Owari
2013 / 114m - Japan
The End of Summer poster

Sketches of Kaitan City

Kaitanshi Jokei
2010 / 152m - Japan
Sketches of Kaitan City poster


Nonko 36-sai (Kaji-tetsudai)
2008 / 105m - Japan
Non-Ko poster

Green Mind, Metal Bats

Seishun Kinzoku Batto
2006 / 96m - Japan
Comedy, Crime
Green Mind, Metal Bats poster

The Volatile Woman

Kihatsusei no Onna
2004 / 80m - Japan
The Volatile Woman poster

The Ravaged House - Zoroku's Disease

Tadareta Ie - Zôroku no Kibyô Yori
2004 / 63m - Japan
The Ravaged House - Zoroku's Disease poster


Kichiku Dai Enkai
1997 / 100m - Japan
Drama, Horror
Kichiku poster