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The Edge of Seventeen

2016 / 104m - USA
The Edge of Seventeen poster

Another coming of age story about an "old soul". It's almost a niche within a niche, though when I come to think of it, there might be more coming of age films about these kinds of characters than there are about regular kids. It's not that big of surprise really, cinema is an art form that loves looking back at the past.

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The Edge of Seventeen doesn't bring anything new to the table. Nadine looks like any regular teen who has a hard time growing up. The situation at home isn't perfect, she feels ill at ease with herself and while the world around her moves forward, she doesn't have a particular goal in life.

The direction is okay, but hardly remarkable. Performances are decent, but nothing noteworthy. There's a little comedy to take the edge of the drama and the ending is quite hopeful, but these are all things you could've guessed without having seen the film. It's not bad, just extremely by the numbers.