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Alive and kicking


Loved Gun

Rabudo Gan
2004 / 111m - Japan
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The Story of Pupu

Pupu no Monogatari
1998 / 75m - Japan
Comedy, Crime
The Story of Pupu poster

A very cool discovery. I really loved Kensaku Watanabe's Loved Gun but never got around to watching any of his other films (not that they're widely/easily available or anything). After watching The Story of Pupu, I think I need to make a bigger effort, because this film is quite something else.

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Two young women are on their way to visit Pupu's grave. He's a fictional pig, but that doesn't seem to bother the two. On their way, they meet a variety of interesting people, though somehow they always get into trouble. Luckily there is Trunkman, a young boy who saves them whenever things get too dangerous.

The plot and characters are pretty nonsensical, so it's probably no surprise Watanabe was able to cast Seijun Suzuki for a smaller part (he also returned the favor with Pistol Opera). The characters are fun and anarchistic, the styling is pleasant and the plot is hilarious. It's a joyous, short, and wacky little film, the kind you'll only find in Japan.