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Strawberry Mansion

2021 / 91m - USA
Mystery, Comedy
Strawberry Mansion poster

A film I nearly loved. It's the slightly lazy take on lo-fi that kept me from being fully immersed. I get that it is a very conscious stylistic choice, but at times I felt it was more of an excuse to skimp on the execution of the fantastical elements. It's a minor critique though, if you like weird and absurd cinema, this is an easy recommendation.

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James Preble is a tax man who visits people to tax their dreams. He is sent to the home of Arabella Isadora, an eccentric artist who has a large collection of old tapes that need to be examined. When Preble dives into the tapes, he meets a young woman there, who he becomes infatuated with.

Somewhat shoddy visual effects aside, the film is one huge explosion of mood and creativity. It's impossible to get a grip on the film, the plot shoots off in a different direction every five minutes and the lore has to be explored and pieced together as you go along. Audley and Birney delivered a pretty spectacular film, a little extra budget might push them into personal favorites territory.