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You People

2023 / 117m - USA
Comedy, Romance
You People poster

A surprisingly fun race-based comedy. It's pretty hard to get these right and I'm sure You People will end up a divisive film. Not everything works, but the parts that do are actually funny. Add the bold styling choices and a somewhat implausible but successful romance, and you have yourself some prime comedy filler.

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Ezra is desperate for a girlfriend, but he can't seem to find the right woman. When he jumps into Amira's car by accident, it seems that life is finally giving him a break. That is until they are introduced to each other's families. Amira's father isn't too happy with the idea of a white son-in-law, and Ezra's mom is treating Amira like she's some kind of cultural project.

Hill and London have good chemistry, there's plenty of awkwardness, a solid mix of comedy and romance, and even the presentation deserves a mention. The setup is a little too obvious and the film does resort to using lots of clich├ęs, but overall I had a pretty good time with You People. A welcome surprise.